Someone who’ll watch over me
by Frank mcguinNess

november/december 2018- The Cherry Lane Theatre

Directed By: Alan Langdon

Cast: Michael Broadhurst*, Jonathan Judge-Russo*, Leif Steinert

Production Team: Scott Tedmon Jones* (Sets), Joyce Liao (Lights), Stephanie Shaw (Costumes), Caspin Jones (Props), Tye Hunt Fitzgerald (Sound), Richard Sommerfield (Stage Management), Nikolas George Brown (Stage Management)


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Show-Score - Reviews, #1 Rated Play in NYC
Reviewfix - Interview with Jonathan Judge-Russo - Interview with Leif Steinert
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Beth Henley 12HR Reading Festival

July 2018- Circle in The Square Theatre

Directed by: Mark Armstrong, Gia-Ryane Harris, Noah Himmelstein, Alan Langdon*, Brad Lemons, Jennifer Sandella, Arielle Sosland

Cast: Ephie Aardema, Beth Applebaum, Nnamdi Asomugha, Ahmed Best, Haley Bond*, Juliet Brett, Sara Canter*, Chris Cornwell, Kevin Cristaldi, Valerie Curry, Cote de Pablo, Karen Eilbacher, Christine Evangelista, Robert Funaro, Sami Gayle, Grace Gummer, Chris Hadgis, Michael Izquierdo, Jacqueline Jacobus, Jonathan Judge-Russo, Carol Kane,  Jayson Kerr, Trevor Kluckman*, Christine Lahti, Adam Langdon, Alan Langdon*, Daniel London, Terra Mackintosh, Jessica Mosher, Amy Northup*, Adam Petherbridge, Jacey Powers, Lauren Pritchard, Bill Pullman, Andy Rothenberg, Paul Schneider, Wrenn Schmidt, Courtney Shaw*, Karen Sours Albisua*, Leif Steinert, Todd Susman, Emma Tracey Moore, Peter Trojgaard,  Brian Wiles, Luke Wehner, Aaron Roman Weiner,  and the resident actors of Animus Theatre Company.

Plays Performed: Ridiculous Fraud, Control Freaks, Impossible Marriage, Crimes of the Heart, The Debutante Ball, The Jacksonian, & The Wake of Jamey Foster

*DENOTES ANIMUS COMPANY MEMBER // photography by Haley Thorpe

Surfer girl
by leslye headland

April - May 2018 - The Foley Gallery

16 Performances. 8 Actors. 4 Directors. 1 Woman

Directed by: Alex Correia*, Noah Himmelstein, Taphat Tawil, Jen Wineman

Cast: Courtney Shaw*, Erin Leigh Schmoyer, Karen Eilbacher, Amy Northup*, Jazmin Williams, Sarah Utterback, Sara Canter*, and Jessica Pimentel

*denotes animus company member // PHOTOGRAPHY BY Haley Thorpe

Collected Shorts by Theresa Rebeck

October 2016- The Cherry Lane Theatre

Directed by: Pamela Adlon

Plays Included: Katie and Frank, Does This Woman Have a Name?, Funeral Play, Deliver Me, and The Bar Plays.

Cast: Haley Bond*, Sara Canter*, Jorge Chapa, Alice Grindling*, Nicholas Miles Newton, Amy Northup*, Jonathan Judge-Russo*, Erin Leigh Schmoyer*, Courtney Shaw*, Karen Sours Albisua*, Zachary Spicer* and Jeff Todesco*.

*denotes animus company member // PHOTOGRAPHY BY Haley Bond.


John Patrick Shanley- All Day Reading Festival

October 2015- Circle in The Square Theatre

Select Cast Members Included: Natasha Lyonne, Alia Shawcat, Stephen Pasquale, Piper Perabo, Vincent Piazza, Andre Holland, James Badge Dale, Pamela Adlon, Dan Butler, Nnamdi Asomugha, Olivia Baseman, Lynne Cohen, Trieste Dunn, Tobias Egal, Ben Foster, Jared Gilman, Jill Hennessey, Tom Hill, Margarita Levieva, James Madio, Michael Rispoli, Joseph Russo, Aida Turturro, Joe Pantoliano,  Paul Schneider, Concetta Tomei, Aaron Roman Weiner, and the resident actors of Animus Theatre Company.

Plays Performed: Allegiance, The Big Funk, Sailor's Song, Four Dogs and a Bone, Moonstruck, The Red Coat, Women of Manhattan, & An Italian American Reconciliation.

photography by Vanessa Lenz Neithardt.


Tennessee Williams Short Plays

April/May 2015- Theatre Row

Directed by: Matthew Lillard

Plays Included: Mooney's Kid Don't Cry, The Pink Bedroom, Talk To Me Like The Rain And Let Me Listen, The Long Goodbye.

Cast: Jeff Todesco*, Karen Sours*, Haley Bond*, Trevor Kluckman*, Eric Williams Morris*, Mary Thornton, Zachary Spicer*, Al Miro*, Courtney Shaw*, Dylan Wittrock, and Rhonda Dodd.

*denotes animus company member // PHOTOGRAPHY BY VANESSA LENZ NEITHARDT.


Leslye Headland's Sin Cycle- All Day Play Reading Festival

November, 2014- Circle In The Square Theatre

The Sin Cycle: Cinephilia, Assistance, Reverb, The Accidental Blonde, Bachelorette and Surfer Girl.

Cast Members Included: Leslye Headland, Alexis Bledel, Nnamdi Asomugha, Haley Bond*, Paul Corning, Michael Broadhurst*, George West Carruth, Maggie Delgadillo, William DeMeritt, Rebecca Faulkenberry, Shira Gregory, Meredith Hagner, Rory Hammond*, Jonathan Judge-Russo*, Trevor Kluckman*, Virginia Kull, Sarah Lemp, Eric William Morris*, Keith Nobbs, Amy Northup*, Johnny Orsini, Elena Ricardo, Wrenn Schmidt*, Erin Leigh Schmoyer*, Margo Seibert, Christiane Seidel, Courtney Shaw*, Zachary Spicer*, Sarah Steele, Leif Steinert, Mason Walker.

*denotes animus company member // PHOTOGRAPHY BY VANESSA LENZ NEITHARDT.


Dutch Heart of Man
by Bob Glaudini

April/May 2014- The Cherry Lane Theatre

Directed By: Alan Langdon

Cast: Sara Canter*, Alex Correia*, Kate Greer, Alice Grindling*, Salvatore Inzerillo, Wendy Merritt, Michael Neithardt, Amy Northup*, Erin Leigh Schmoyer*, Zachary Spicer*, Jeff Todesco*.



Pericles, Prince of Tyre
by William Shakespeare

October 2012- Walkerspace, NYC

Directed By: Edward Berkeley

Cast: Paul Bomba, Matt Cusack, Emily Ellis, Rory Hammond*, Dorien Makhloghi, Amy Northup*, Jack Sochet, Nicole Starrett, Sebastian Stimman, Jeff Todesco*, Carrie Walsh.

*DENOTES ANIMUS COMPANY MEMBER // Photography by Sebastian Smeureanu


Where's My Money?
by John Patrick Shanley

January/February 2012- Cherry Lane Theatre

Directed By: Alex Correia*

Cast: Jamahl Garrison Lowe, Rory Hammond*, Jonathan Judge-Russo*, Amy Northup*, Jeff Todesco*, and Carrie Walsh.

*denotes animus company member // Photography By Jessica Gallo Murphy