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Help Us Reach Our 2018 Goal!

As the year comes to an end, we are making one final push to reach our 2018 fundraising goal. We humbly ask to extend your generosity by making a financial donation today.

With only $10,000 to raise by January 11th, any contribution (big or small) will have a great impact on achieving our goal.

Your contribution will go towards funding all of our 2019 programming, which will include:
★ A mainstage production of William Shakespeare's Henry VI Parts 2 & 3
★ Our annual 12-Hour Reading Festival at Broadway's Circle in the Square Theatre
★ Our yearlong Season Selection Development Series; which will feature public workshops and readings of plays in consideration for future seasons
★ Along with additional professional workshops, new play development readings, and events.

Thank you for allowing the vision of Animus to grow each year and for giving us the ability to now practice as a peer company to the best in the most competitive, talented market in the world.

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2018 Season

2018 Season

ANIMUS 2018 - 2019 SEASON


Foley Gallery. 59 orchard st. nyc

apr 10 - may 30, 2018


Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me

by Frank Mcguinness

Cherry Lane Studio Theatre

Nov 15 - Dec 9, 2018


beth henley 12-hour reading festival

circle in the square theatre

july 19, 2018

Leslye Headland's New YOrk Premiere

16 Performances. 8 Actors. 4 Directors. 1 Woman.

Surfer Girl is Ms. Headland's one-woman play exploring the sin of sloth, the 4th chapter of her Seven Deadly Plays cycle. In this one-woman- show we will watch eight actors grapple with their individual experiences of shame and emotional stasis. Not exactly homeless, never quite broke, always ready to become whomever she needs to be in order to stick around just that little bit longer. Surfer Girl chronicles a young womans affectless journey through life as she combats that passively inert state of mind that gives rise to her loss of self and to...couch surfing.

more about Leslye Headland


New York Revival of Frank McGuinness’ 1992 Drama

An American doctor, an Irish journalist, and an English academic are being held captive by terrorists abroad, but it isn’t just the terrorists that provide tension. The cramped confines of their cell intensify their national biases and prejudices, fostering internal resentments and recriminations. It isn’t until they band together and build a world of fantasy to help keep their sanity… and focus their fight.

more about Frank mcguinNess


12 Hours of Beth Henley on Broadway

This year we have the honor of presenting the lauded work of playwright Beth Henley. Our 12 hour play readings at Circle in the Square feature wonderful diverse casts mixing known and rising actors and directors all celebrating their love of great playwriting.

"Her [Beth Henley] play Crimes of the Heart won the 1981 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, the 1981 New York Drama Critics' Circle Award for Best American Play, and a nomination for a Tony Award. Her screenplay for Crimes of the Heart was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay."

more about Beth Henley

Information about Professional Workshops and New Play Development Readings will be announced soon.

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Our Mission


Animus Theatre Company is a family of artists committed to telling stories about the resilience of the human spirit that exists within us all.

Our plays are visceral, feature complete and complex characters, and encourage our audiences and artists to confront challenging questions in a fearless and truthful manner.

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Animus Theatre Company is an artist-driven company whose mission is to explore and illuminate the resilience of the human spirit.  Founded by Artistic Director Jonathan Judge-Russo with Rory Hammond, Al Miro, and Carrie Walsh, Animus Theatre Company produced its first play, John Patrick Shanley’s Where’s My Money? at the Cherry Lane Theatre, in 2012.  Notable productions include Surfer Girl by Leslye Headland, Collected Shorts by Tennessee Williams, Pericles, Prince of Tyre by William Shakespeare, along with their 12-Hour Reading Festivals which have featured the works of Beth Henley (2018), John Patrick Shanley (2015), and Leslye Headland (2014) performed at Broadway’s Circle in the Square Theatre.

Notable artists who have worked with Animus Theatre Company include playwrights Beth Henley, Leslye Headland, Theresa Rebeck, John Patrick Shanley, Bob Glaudini; directors Pamela Adlon, Edward Berkeley, Matthew Lillard, Andrew Lippa, Alan Langdon; and stage & film actors Alexis Bledel, Ben Foster, Andre Holland, Carol Kane, Christine Lahti, Stephen Pasquale, Piper Perabo, Bill Pullman, and Margo Seibert, among others.

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