2017-2018 Season to be announced soon.



2015-2016 Season


Theresa Rebeck's
Collected Short Plays

at the cherry lane theatre


John Patrick Shanley

All day play reading festival


Collected Short Plays: The Bar Plays, Does This Woman Have a Name?, Katie and Frank, The Funeral Play.

A bar, a restaurant, the office, the bedroom; these are the places where the real conversations happen. There are plenty of deep wells, and whether we fall in or find that we've been pushed, it falls on us to dig ourselves out.  They're the most important fights. The ones that prepares us for all the others. The ones we need to fight to balance who we are and who we need to be.


A 12-Hour Reading Festival featuring the works of John Patrick Shanley: The Big Funk, Defiance, Italian American Reconciliation, Moonstruck, The Red Coat, Sailor’s Song, Savage in Limbo, Women of Manhattan. Produced at Broadway’s Circle in the Square Theatre.